What can I expect during the recruitment process? 

Each of our locations have their own recruitment process in place. However, in general, candidates can expect to be contacted by the Human Resources team if they are selected for an interview. Prior to being hired, candidates must complete pre-screening based on job requirements, including reference checks, background checks, pre-employment physicals, drug and alcohol testing and behavioural testing. 

I have submitted my application. What’s next? 

Thank you for your interest in Capstone Copper! The local Human Resources team will review your application and selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. 

Do you offer any student internships, co-op opportunities or apprenticeship programs? 

We strongly believe in providing student internships, co-op opportunities and apprenticeship programs to develop future talent and foster a local pool of skilled workers. Our locations offer student internship opportunities through educational institutions or apprenticeship programs. We encourage you to keep coming back to our Careers page for any opportunities.