Sustainable workforce


By developing a skilled and engaged workforce, we create the foundation essential for our future growth.

People Practices

People are at the heart of our organization. To deliver on our sustainability commitments, we must have dedicated employees who excel in their field.

To create a positive, sustainable workforce, we focus on all aspects of our people practices, including the composition of our workforce, employee attraction, retention and engagement, local hiring and conditions of work.

Strong Governance

Our employment approach is rooted in strong governance practices. Capstone’s Human Resources & Compensation Committee has oversight of company-wide compensation policies and programs to attract and develop employees.

Industry-Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Capstone offers industry-competitive compensation and benefits packages. Our Board approves annual corporate objectives set by the Senior Leadership Team, which are ultimately linked to employee compensation.

Recognition Programs

We measure and reward performance at individual, team, operation and corporate levels. We celebrate practices that align with Capstone’s values, provide rewards for safety awareness, and honour years of service.


Our sites focus on training to develop and retain a skilled workforce. This includes professional development opportunities, leadership and technical training certifications, training plans to facilitate advancement and skill certifications.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy has requirements for female representation on the Board, as well as commitments to promote an inclusive culture and build diversity at all levels of the organization.

Commitment to Local Communities

Some of our operations are located in communities with long mining traditions, providing access to talented people with industry knowledge. We aim to be an employer of choice for these valued recruits.