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BMO Capital MarketsRene Cartier, CPA, CA, CBV, CFA(416) 359-5011
Canaccord GenuityDalton Baretto, CFA(416) 869-7380
CIBC Capital MarketsBryce Adams(416) 594-7293
Clarksons Securities ASBendik Folden Nyttingnes+47 930 85 444
Cormark Securities Inc.Stefan Ioannou, PhD(416) 943-4222
Eight CapitalRalph Profiti, CFA(647) 484 8545
Global Mining ResearchDavid Radclyffe+61 2 8283 8712
Jefferies SecuritiesMatthew Murphy(416) 618-2521
Moelis AustraliaPaul Hissey+61 403 417 898
National Bank FinancialShane Nagle, CFA(416) 869-7936
Paradigm Capital Inc.Jeff Woolley, CFA(416) 361-9557
RBC Dominion Securities Inc.Sam Crittenden, P.Eng., CFA(416) 842-7866
Scotia CapitalOrest Wowkodaw, CPA, CA, CFA(416) 945-4526
StifelMadison Tapscott(416) 941-6791
TD Securities Inc.Craig Hutchison, P. Eng.(416) 982-3474

The opinions, estimates or recommendations made by the analysts that cover Capstone Copper regarding the company’s performance and prospects do not necessarily represent the views of Capstone Copper. Capstone Copper does not by its reference to such analyst opinions endorse, concur or approve any such opinions, estimates, conclusions or recommendations. This list may not be complete and may change as firms add or discontinue coverage. The information in no way should be construed or interpreted as part of an offering or solicitation of securities. For copies of the latest research reports on Capstone Copper, please contact the firms directly.

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